Posted by: jalepab | February 17, 2008

dust, smoke

here are some process animations, still trying to get the particle systems to do what i want them to do, but they’re not obeying me. they’re posted on youtube, dust and smoke.

there was a quote in this book called graffiti nyc – “graffiti writers are cultural imperialists. their message is always the same: i live in a slum and so do you.” i’m attempting to animate this idea. i’m trying to represent how people respond and react towards graffiti as it becomes exposed, as it becomes visible in public spaces, places like our site, the riverfront.

the smoke represents this illusion of a perfect city. an object will emerge from the smoke (which represents the exposure of graffiti to the public), and collide or react with another object. the dust that is created from this collision represents public reactions towards the graffiti, the message. if you’ve watched the animations, you can see that i still have a long ways to go. i’ve got the smoke and the dust in two separate animations. as far as the object and colliding are going, i’m not there yet. going to need some feedback and ideas. the smoke looks bubbly and the dust is really scattered, not exactly the effects I was going for. maybe what i need is fog and not smoke? or maybe the dust should explode from an object, almost like confetti. i’m still working, still processing.

there’re some reading material, articles about baudrillard and his thoughts about graffiti online… here’s one article, remembering baudrillard.



  1. I really like Dust. The afterimages from the particles create the illusion of some unobtainable writing – like when you twirl a sparkler around. Mamma likey – as Kristi would say.

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