Posted by: lebeaucourt | February 25, 2008

Website/Data Collection

The way we decided to collect information was by starting a website called tracescape . We made bright attention getting labels with unique codes directing people to the website and stuck them on existing items that were found on the site that could be moved around. We used 4 label colors representing different locations within and closely surrounding Jackson Square and the river. When tagging the objects we recorded time and location and then transfered that information to the website along with pictures of the tagged objects. Our goal is to try and trace the movement of the objects that people report to learn when and where the items were moved. When people reach the site they can input their code and instantly see the history of the object they found. At this point, we are waiting to see if there will be any responses and then try to use the information we collect to form more of an understanding of which items are moved the most and whether or not location or type factors into movement. WEBSITE: 



  1. Got an orange card near Jackson Square… so I went to the tracescape website and typed in the code (0136), and it says:
    Your search did not produce any results.

    Frustrating, because this seemed like an intriguing idea.

  2. Ok, and now it works!

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