Posted by: laurenmfasic | March 5, 2008

poster and new orleans

us on tear and tagposterWe went back to the site and placed and handed out trace cards. The new approach seemed to help out as we have gotten many more responses on the website….click here for link…tracescape updatedWe plan to come back with shapes like a Fluer-de-lis..etc. to have people be more apt to picking up the card and taking it home with them.The poster was made from the new tags we made this weekend and put out in the site in New Orleans. We are using it around the LSU campus to promote the use of the website and to hopefully provoke people to look for the cards or be drawn to picking them up and having it catch on. We are excited as this is picking up and see it as being a useful tool in collecting data to how objects move and trace us in the landscape.Another side note: We did find a few objects with our tags on them from the last week and are updating the movement on the site.The animation was an experimental idea of using mapping on the particles that we have distributed. The mapping is not so clear after the resolution is decreased on youtube…just an idea we want to work with.



  1. This is way cool! I hung you onto today’s Ladder.
    But who, ultimately, will end up with these traces?

    What do y’all think of The Gray Ghost in New Orleans? Can he attack you in court as with NOLA Rising?

    Please keep us posted on your traces.
    editor~NO News Ladder

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