Posted by: athrea1 | April 17, 2008

Generating Cubes

Monitor movement of people within a space as well as their proximity. The device is site specific. It will be placed on St. Ann Street, between Chartres and Decatur. The object will grow in proportion to the people moving through the space.  Our objective is to create a pattern of movement.


The object starts out as a 1x1x1 cube.  There will a grid of sensors that will act like a telescope to continue sensor data to next object created until “n” number of cubes is created.  The grid of sensors acts as the structure for the membrane skin.  The skin is made up of nylon fabric.  Forced air creates positive pressure against skin to maintain form.  Each cube is divided into “n” number of divisions so that this system can replicate “n” number times but this system has a terminal amount based on initial 1x1x1 cube subdivisions.


The interaction of the system occurs due to the proximity to the object and people.  If one person passes the device it begins to grow regularly in a specified direction.  However, if multiple people pass the device – it begins to grow in all directions around the original object.  However, the system does not react if there is no movement – meaning if you stand in front of the object nothing will occur.  The object will grow in relation to its surroundings – meaning it will grow based on the subdivisions created in the structure based on the sensory information received.  Structural integrity holds the object created until a maximum height of 10 feet.


There will be 3 original cubes placed on the site.  These cubes will then react to its surroundings and begin to grow toward one another.  The goal of the installation will be to create a new sense of space in the physical environment.


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