Posted by: enwhy | April 17, 2008

Reconstructing Space


Cameras are located at five dynamic areas within the Jackson Square vicinity.  Each camera relays a series of images to a localized processor.  The processor then filters the data according to set programming, for instance movement of bodies.  Each input then affects the output which is sent to a device placed between the Mississippi River and viewing platform.  The device is a dual array of parabolic forms, which when viewed from afar, becomes an ephemeral and sculptural form within the site.  As a passive observer, the device is sculptural, yet it reveals a connection between activities on site.  Moving between the arrays, an individual becomes an active participant as the device reads the movement and produces a secondary output, such as a highlighted path to the most active area.  The traces left by the active participant can also be seen as shadows by the passive observer.

The input and the output can both be reconfigured and re-processed.  In my examples the input is a series of images and the data processed is the variation in movement within the frame.  The readings are used to filter which portions of the output are highlighted.  The first output then becomes another image, distorted by the filters.  A secondary output is created by the device sensing movement within the array, which then illuminates an individual path for the active participant.  The output could be image, but it could also be sound.  The parabolic shape facilitates unique experiences for the active participant appart from the passive observer.


(for some reason it won’t show the image…  hit the link to see the PDF) 





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